My message to Hayden

When you have stomach flu for the first time, you complain about tummy pain pain and ask for oil to be applied on your tummy.   With lose stools, we have to believe you and brought you to see doctor.  You are such a pro now that you answer everything the doctor ask you and be able to tell doctor which part of your tummy hurts.
You get 2 days off from school.  Thereafter you tell us ”I cannot go to school, because I sick”  with your hand touching your forehead.

– Dec 2008


Siblings @ 5mth+



Our dearest girl

It’s another 2 weeks before she hit a half year old.  During the last vaccination checkup on her 5th months, she weigh only 6.3kg(just a 300g from a mth ago).  Unlike Hayden, Suzanne is an not a overly chubby baby. This little girl at this young age already know the “damage/harm” of being too fatchubby…:) Mom had been “complainting” everyday on her milk in-take. It didnt increase milk and now she is still drinking 100ml per feed, every 3-4 hourly.  It will take as long as 1.5 hrs to feed her if she is awake and a little better while asleep.  Mom as like any other older folk prefer a BIG baby so she compaint every now and then…  I do feel the same too but well, I suppose as long as she is healthy it should not matter whether she is chubby or not..:) 

Other than her feeding habits, she is a cute and active little girl.  She love to play and “talk”.  She sleep lesser now.  When it comes to her dearest, I think it has to be me cos she only want me to carry her if she has a choice over it..:) and this made my day..:) 







Curly Hair

Mommy:  Who is curly hair?

Hayden: Me

His last hair cut was on 3rd Decemeber 07.  It had been almost 4 months now and what we see is a new him…  it all grown into lovely curls…:)  We love to tease him with who is/has curly hairs and he will proudly reply that it is him. So cute and I didnt want to part with the curls either… save me some $$$ on haircut. haha


Fever & neb

We have been grounded for the past 3 weeks with Hayden first falling sick 3 weeks ago and me gotten high fever on the Good Friday weekend, and lastly ended with Daddy with flu & sore throat.  Poor meimei havent been out for a while, in fact she has not been really out.  We thought it is quite “troublesome” to bring her out and find is difficult to feed her with EBM while we are out etc etc.  Funny thing is we dont feel this way during Hayden time, he had been out almost every weekend after his first month.  Anyway, with meimei turning 6 months soon and also feeding half on formula milk… think it is time to resume back to our weekend activities…:)

3 weeks ago Hayden was caught was a very high fever and cough.  It was so long ago so I wont go into the details… just want to share on the cough part he need to be neberlised.  It used to be a pain to everyone when he need to be neb, but now it is a breeze…:)  He glading hold on to the neberliser and enjoy the “ride”. See video and you will know what I mean.


My health seem to be falling every since Suzanne was borned.  I was hit by high fever almost every month and as I recalled it always happen on public holiday – Christmas, Chinese New Year Day 2 & Good Friday…:(  It was terrible and hope it gets better now.

Teacher-parents gathering

One 7 March 08, Treasure Box hosted a teacher & parent meet together session at Seng Kang Community Center.  The event starts at 7.30pm and the school will ferry all the kids to the venue before the parents arrive.  We were told that the kids will have a little performance to suprise their parents and honestly this is the real reason why we attended the event…:)

Theme of the day is BLUE and all of us are suppose to dress in blue.  We were hiding everywhere when we arrive for fear that Hayden may see us and affect his performance so we hide all the way and wait eagerly to see what surprise little boy is giving us.

When the MC announced that N1 kids from Parry branch is performing, I get all ready with my camera in video mode but to my disappointment, Hayden wasnt among all the kids on the stage. So the first thing that some to my mind was little boy is just not cooperating, so I turn off my camera and return back to the seat.  Next the show goes on to other class etc…  Suddenly, there I heard the MC announcing again that N1 from Parry Branch is going to dance “泥娃娃”, I jump with excitment and zoom to a good location where I can video the show….. and here it is:

Back home, I teased hom umpteen times to dance 泥娃娃…:)

Long lag

I have been asked by a few people on the lack of updates on this blog. Well, I guess there is no excuse to that, I am just lazy..:)  Ask anyone with 2 young kids and you will know the reason…;p  I hardly have moods for anything now, plus the time need to spend on expressing milk for Suzanne is all making me so tired but I keep telling myself that I have to keep doing this until it is enough… so the down side to all this is I have not much time left for the online community.  Anyway, from now on, I will try to update at least once a week on little things that happen that worth mentioning…:)